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1.  What are cookies?


2.  How does BPL use cookies?


1.     What are cookies?


1.1.  A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer.  A cookie is required to enable some of the functionality of a web site.

1.2.  Bonnington Plastics Limited ("BPL") uses cookies to remember users during a visit to our web site.

1.3.  Cookies are anonymous and do not store personal information of any kind.  Cookies are used to help us understand how customers use our website.  We use this information to help plan improvements to the site to provide a better experience.


2.     How does BPL use cookies?


Cookie Type What they do? Why we use them
Website Analytic Cookies

Website analytics enables us to see:

(i)   how you are using our website; and

(ii)  the types of devices being used to acces our website

Using this information, we are able to make improvements to our web site, making it easier to use.
Session Cookies Session cookies are used by us to recognise a visitor while they are using our web site

This enables us to remember information that you have entered, for expample, the product you have selected during a purchase,which can then be used at each stage of processing your purchase.

Session cookies are also used to remember you for the duration of each visit to our web site.  They do not remember you once you have left our web site.

Persistent Cookies These are cookies that stay on your computer or device until they expire or you remove them. Persistent cookie allow information and settings about a user to be retained for more than one session.
Marketing Cookies We do not use Marketing Cookies  


Last reviewed 23 May 2018.


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