Product Safety Recall


  6ft (180cm) Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
  BARCODE:   5013478136756

  110665 (printed on the box); 2016 (printed oN the label located on the power cable

  UNAFFECTED BATCH NUMBER:   112941, 107761, 1403431

What’s happened:


Bonnington Plastics Limited who is the importer of the 6ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree is recalling the batch of above product due to possible risk of fire caused, in rare cases, by overheating of the light chain.


Immediate action to be taken: 


Customers should immediately unplug and stop using the light set fitted on the recalled product.


What you should do:


Do not ignore this safety notice. If you have purchased the above product, identify if it comes from affected batch. Look for batch number 110665 printed on the box the tree came in or ‘2016’ on the product label fixed to the power cable. We’ve included pictures to help you locate the codes and other ways to identify the product.


Please note that this safety notice does not apply to trees from batch 112941, 107761, 1403431 or 2017. The trees from those batches are free of any faults and are completely safe to use.


Next steps:


The safety and wellbeing of all our customers is very important to us so we are asking you to stop using this product and contact our Customer Service team on 0115 985 4119 (8:30am to 5pm Monday – Friday) or If your purchased Christmas tree comes from the affected batch, we will issue you with a refund for the full purchase amount and arrange a collection of the recalled product from you.


In order to keep our records up to date and accurate, we are kindly asking you to complete an online form to respond to this notification, even if your purchased item comes from an unaffected batch.  It will take no longer than couple of minutes. Please follow below link or type the address in your web browser:


If you bought this item for someone else, please let them know about this notification as soon as possible.


We would like to apologise for any inconvenience. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Bonningtons on 0115 985 4119.


  Identification Details for Affected Batch Identification Details for Unaffected Batch
Product Image
Carton Markings

Printed:  P/O Number: 110665

Printed:  P/O No: 112941, 107761, 1403431

Mains Plug

Supplied with 3 Pin Plug fitted onto the cable

Supplied with separate Low Voltage Transformer


2017, 2015 printed in the market location on the label 



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